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Saturday, 14 May 2016

110* Summer Status for Whatsapp New Collection

Summer is the warmest season and everybody like to drink cold in this season. Today we share summer whatsapp status, you can share your summmer feeling through whatsapp.

Summer Whatsapp Status

Dear Garmi.. Plz thori Narmi....
Dear sun, I seriously feel u need to chill a bit...
Garmi or bezzati Jitni Mehsoos karoge Utni jyada lagegi..
Happy Summer season with Great offers Motay motay machar.. Lots of makhian!
Having fun in the sun, getting laid in the shade, summer's here..
Hi.. Jaan.. Nikal rahi hai garmi se..
I hope your summer is just like a little box filled with surprises.
I wish summer would get pregnant so we'd have 9 months off.
Kambal aur Razai ko karo Maaf.. Cooler aur AC kar lo saaf..
Summer should get a speeding ticket..

 Best Summer Season Status In Hindi

गर्मी पड़नी शुरू हो गई और लड़किया अभी से ही सुल्ताना डाकू बन के घुमने लगी कभी कभी तो मालूम ही नही होता कि अपना शहर है या चम्बल का इलाका! 
अप्रैल शुरू होते ही परिवार के बेरोज़गार सदस्यों के जिम्मे दो और बड़े काम जुड़ जाएंगे फ्रिज में बोतल भर के रखना और कूलर में पानी भरना.” 
पानी से कोका-कोला बनाने की विधी… 2-3 ग्लास पानी लो उसे 1 बोटल में भर दो बाद में उसे फ्रीज में रख दो फ्रीज में पानी ठंडा हो जायेगा,और क्या… 

Latest Summer Status Quotes For Whatsapp

A lot of parents pack up their troubles and send them off to summer camp...
I wonder what the blood alcohol level is of all these mosquitos that keep biting me?
It's almost Summer! Time to find out what my friends with swimming pools have been up to since last summer..
School is out for the summer! dont worry school, I WON'T miss you at all.
Summer meant watching cartoons all morning, roaming the neighborhood all day and going back home when the streetlights turned on.
Summer vacation: where you drink triple, see double and act single. 
That awkward moment when you write a super long, heartfelt note in someones yearbook and they write 'Have a Great Summer!!
There should be a rule that you can't get your period over the summer.

Summer Status For Whatsapp In English

Summer is the season when a man thinks he can cook better on an outdoor grill than his wife can on an indoor stove..
Summer is like the ultimate one-night as hell, totally thrilling, and gone before you know it.
Ok summer I'm sorry for bad mouthing you bout being so hot, can you come back?? Its freakin cold!
I spent many a summer early morning with the radio very low, half sleeping and half listening.
I dont make enough money to go on vacation, so I'm just going to get drunk this weekend until I dont know where I am.
A girl in a bikini is like having a loaded pistol on your coffee table theres nothing wrong with them, but its hard to stop thinking about it.

Top Summer Status For Whatsapp In Hindi

Dear ‪‎गर्मी‬ हिम्मत है तो December‬ मे आके दिखा...!
गर्मी‬ तो बोहत पढ़ रही है। फिर भी उनका ‪#‎दिल‬ पिघलने का नाम ही नहीं ले रहा...!
‎सूरज‬ की ‪गरमी‬ से ‪तालाब‬ ‪खाली‬ होता है और‬ हमारी ‪ऐंट्री‬ पर ‎मैदान‬ खाली होता है...!
साला ऐसा लग रहा है, जैसे ‪‎गर्मी‬ नहीं ‪कटटप्पा‬ आ गया हो.... क्योंकी अब तो ‪रजाई‬ वाला season गया अब ‪  ‎mummy-papa‬ के आने पर.!!
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