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88 Double Meaning Status for Whatsapp

Double Meaning Status

Now Friends we sharing Double Meaning status for whatsapp and facebook. There are many people searches double meaning whatsapp status in Hindi.  If you have already planned to update your whatsapp status and double meaning quotes status, So If you check double meaning status for whatsapp.

Double Meaning Status For Whatsapp In Hindi

सेब- मैं इंसानों के दिल की तरह दिखता हूं...!
आम- मैं पेट की तरह दिखता हूं....!
अंगूर- मैं आखों की तरह दिखता हूं...!
केला- सालो मुझे इस तरह..!के मजाक बिलकुल  पसंद नहीं हैं।

Double Meaning Status In English

Difference Between Good Girls And Bad Girls Good Girls Open Few Buttons In Hot Atmosphere, But Bad Girls Open All Buttons To Make The Atmosphere Hot.
Significance of “For life”in relationships: following week; at some point quickly.
The meaning of life is to offer life definition.
Age, like range lends a dual appeal.
Double Meaning Status
Why do people buy double burgers, huge fries and afterwards a diet coke?
I’ve constantly pondered why “W” is called Double U when it’s clearly Dual V.

Awesome Double Meaning Whatsapp Status in Punjabi

Old meaning of sorry. “I wo n`t do it once more.” New significance of sorry.
Fat guy: “Exactly what are you considering?”… Me: “The reason double doors were designed.”
I have high dual standards.
Drink triple. See double. Act single.

Latest Double Meaning Status For Friends

How do you teach a blonde maths you subtract her clothes Divide her legs And square root her.
Inside A Guy's Pants And Girls Love To Blow It Up.
Doctor: Mrs. Taniya good news for you Girl What do you mean Mrs. Taniya? Iam Miss Taniya Doctor Oh !! Sorry Miss Taniya...Bad news for you!
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