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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

112 Great Collection Life status For Whatsapp

Hi Guys, We are sharing most trends or popular collection of life status for whatsapp.

There are many people searches them life whatsapp status, So our decide to share best and popular whatsapp status about life.

You can Easily check and Copy life status on this post. You can check out happy life status for whatsapp in Hindi and English and Punjabi languages.

Best Life Status For whatsapp In English

The people who do not appreciate the little things of life, are not worth the big ones.
Good Morning! It’s a beautiful day in the life neighborhood! Everyone, get out there and share your beautiful smile with the world.
It’s a good day Life today I woke up all by myself without anyone screaming at me to wake up, the phone didn’t ring, and no alarm! yep great day.
Just you want to give a shout out, a hug, some damp, a high 5, a pound, handshake, a pat on the back, a kiss, some love and a good morning to you Facebook.
Life is ok not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.
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Life whatsapp status In Hindi

जियो तो हर पल ऐसे जियो, जैसे की आखिरी हो …!

जिंदगी ऐसे जिओ जैसे की आखरी हो …!
हर बार हम पर इल्ज़ाम लगा देते हो मोहब्बत का, कभी खुद से भी पूछा है इतने हसीन क्यों हो आप
जब जी भर गया है तो बता दो हमें इनकार पसंद है इंतजार नहीं…!
हुकुम के बन्दे ये तो बता तू  जीवन जीने का हुकुम किससे लेता हे 
ऐ दोस्त हुकुमत वो ही करता है जिसका दिलो पर राज हो…!! वरना यूँ तो गली के मुर्गो के सर पे भी ताज होता है…!!
आज का शुभ विचार: अगर परछाईयाँ कद से और बातें औकात से बड़ी होने लगे तो समझ लीजिये कि सूरज डूबने ही वाला है..!
हद से बढ़ जाये तालुक तो गम मिलते हैं.. हम इसी वास्ते अब हर शख्स से कम मिलते हँ..
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Feeling Life Status

Without Doing Mistake in Life you Can't learn life Easily.
In life Success always hugs you in private Place... but failure always slaps you in the public.
Remember for the past, Plan for the future, but live for today, because yesterday is gone and tomorrow will never come.!!! 
In life we forget the things we should remember in life and remember the things we should forget in life.
Each new day is another chance to change your life. 
Remember it a bad day, not a bad Feeling life status...
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Happy Life Whatsapp Status

A smile from you bring happiness to anyone, even if they are don't like you.
Life always offers the second chance to you. it's called tomorrow... 
If you want to enjoy Life is long but if you want to achieve something think life is very short. 
Life is short don’t waste it being sad., be happy, be free, be whatever you want to be in life.
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Above these are the best collection of life whatsapp status. We know your time is very important so we collect all categories of life status and share with.

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