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200 Best Friendship Status For Whatsapp

Friendship Status For Whatsapp
This collection is dedicated to our friends. All of us know that, relationship of friendship is greater then the relation of blood. In our daily routine we all require a close friend that listen our pointless dramas.
This moment we have collected most heart touching Friendship Whatsapp status which you can utilize on your Whatsapp as well as Facebook wall surfaces. If you have any type of amazing status on friendship, compared to feel free to provide us in the remarks.

Friendship Whatsapp Status In English

Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.
A friend is someone friendship who can see the truth and pain in you even when you are fooling everyone else.
People who tolerate me on the daily basis! are real friendship heroes in my eye.
A true friend never gets in your way unless you happen to be going down.
The best mirror is an old the friendship quotes.
I dont have a lot of friends helpful, I just know a lot of people.
Good Friends Are Hard to Find, Difficult to Leave, Impossible to Forget.
A friend is someone who gives you total freedom to be yourself.

 Amazing Friendship Status for Whatsapp

Fake relation friends are like shadows. They follow you in the sun and leave you in the dark
True friendship comes when silence between two people is comfortable.
The good friend would bail you out of jail but your best friend would be the one sitting next to you saying, damn that was cool.
Also friend is someone who can see the truth and pain in you even when you are fooling everyone else.
After friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.
Don't make friends before understand and don't break friendship after misunderstanding.
Good friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, impossible to forget.
The day spend with friends is always a day well spend. 
As true friend is someone who never gets tried of listening to your pointless dramas over and over again.

New Friendship Status Quotes For Whatsapp

A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.
A single rose can be my garden... a single friend, my world.
Friends are like stars, they come and go, but the ones that stay are the ones that glow.
I have learnt that once a friendship is broken.. it never gets normal again.

Best Friendship Status In Hindi

Best Friendship Status In Hindi

भीड़ की आदत नहीं मुझे,थोड़े में जीना सीख लिया है मैंने, चन्द दोस्त हैं, चन्द दुआएं हैं, बस इन खुशियों को गले लगा लिया मैंने ।
ऐ दोस्त लोट के आना जिन्दा हे तेरे लिए ।
किसी ने मुझ से कहा बहुत खुबसूरत लिखते हो यार,मैंने कहा … खुबसूरत मैं नहीं वो है जिसके लिए हम लिखा करते है 
किसी शायर ने सच कहा था दोस्त ही साथ आता हे अपने जिवन साथी के लिए 
ये दोस्ती हम नहीं तोड़ेंगे दोस्तों के लिए याद दिलाता हे 
कोई वादा ना कर, कोई ईरादा ना कर, ख्वाइशों मे खुद को आधा ना कर, ये देगी उतना ही जितना लिख दिया खुदा ने, इस तकदीर से उम्मीद ज़्यादा ना कर… !! 
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